Each child will learn through our different Standard Levels of Development. There are 4 different levels for each stage. But they all will follow the same Developmental Domains: Social Studies; Creative Development; Social and Emotional Development; Health and Physical Development; Cognitive Development; Language Development; Mathematics Development and Science Development

Birth to 12 Months Program


We work with our children on Understanding, Communicating, Pre-Reading, Discovering, Learning, Coordinating Movements, and Feelings about Self and others.  Parents and teachers work together to designs daily routines to meet each infant’s physical needs.  This will ensure that your children will develop simultaneously. They will be able to learn to explore, Imitate gestures move from place to place, and show awareness. Eventually they will know that they are able to make things happen on their own. 

Toddler (13 Months to 23 Months) Program

Your child will discover so much at Better Quality Childcare. Our name speaks for itself.  We take pride in what we teach your children. At this age they are tiny, curious individuals who love to explore. They will learn and develop through music, puzzles, art, crafts outdoor play and much more.  As a part of our curriculum we also use part of the Your Baby Can Read Program. Our toddlers are full of brain development. Your child will learn to use a spoon and eat from a plate and bowl. They will also learn to sit at the table and learn to say grace before eating. We also offer assistance with Potty Training to help busy moms on the go. We understand when children feel safe and secure and have structured routine, true learning occurs.

Pre-School (24 Months to 35 Months) Program


​Our teachers are so excited to work with your children. As they grow to be more and more independent. The activities provided reflect specific objectives that is developmentally appropriate and designed to meet each child developmental needs. We take time to work with your child individually and as groups. We emphasize the fundamentals, of Alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, name recognition, music, vocabulary, and pre writing skills. They will gain so many more independent skills like toileting and washing hands and clothing themselves. We pride ourselves in helping your child reach for the STARS. 

Transitional Kindergaten (3 Years to 5 Years) Program


We focus on fostering independence, social skills, art, music, hands on learning, pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-math and cooperation.  Our teachers will help you child learn problem solving skills responsive listening and using language. Which is very important.  We believe that every child learns differently and at their own pace.  So we improvise to fit each child needs and abilities in developing his or her growth in a variety of ways. Your child development is our priority. Here at Better Quality Child Care We Build Firm Foundations for Tomorrows Leaders.