About Us

Better Quality Child Care is ...

A warm, loving and nurturing place for children. We exist to provide a safe and developmental appropriate environment for children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care educational experience which promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children’s desire to be lifelong learners, and to grow from the Tree of Life. Furthermore it is our desire that parents will be at peace when leaving their children with us, knowing that they are in the best care.

Here at Better Quality Child Care...

We believe that every child should have the foundational skills needed for success in school. We strive to do our best so that every child excels in every area when the leave our program to enter Kindergarten, starting from infancy on up through 5 years of age. We select material that is based on Maryland Early Standards, developmentally appropriated and accessible while welcoming all children of all abilities that offers a balance of child initiated and teacher directed activities.


Better Quality Child Care's name speaks for itself. Our structured program strives for excellence. We take pride in what we teach our children. We also make it our priority to build strong meaningful relationships with our parents no matter the culture or background, by fully welcoming them into our program and helping them to engage and participate. 


We Do...

  • Praise reward and encourage the children.

  • Reason with and set limits for the children.

  • Model appropriate behavior for the children.

  • Listen to the children

  • Try to stay consistent in behavioral management.

  • Explain things to children on their levels.

  • When improper behavior is seen, we use positive behavioral support and strategies with children that include: providing choices, using redirection and clear rules and expectations.

The Benefits of Being Apart of Better Quality Childcare

Do you feel like it's never enough time in the day? Do you feel like you're doing it all alone? Better Quality Child Care can help! Transportation provided (before and aftercare.)

Here at Better Quality Childcare, we offer Spanish and a special STEM Program for our children to learn